Can you Install Solar in a home that is not a permanent residence?

I understand the concerns that come with installing solar panels in a home that is not yours without fomenting trouble with the landlord or house owner.

By now, you already know how highly important it is to have Solar installed in your home. You have access to a constant power supply. You do not have to bother about Electricity failure and exorbitant electricity rates. You can do all you need to do as and when due. There is a sense of ease and freedom that comes with using a solar system as your power supply source.

Since your current location is temporary, possibly a rented apartment, Is there a way you can make use of a Solar PV system? YES! In this post, I’m going to share three ways by which you can go about it. 

But before I share those three ways, I want you to understand that Solar Panels do not necessarily have to be mounted on rooftops. Rooftops are mostly advised because you can be sure that there will be nothing casting any shadow over it. You have direct access to Sunlight. However, if you have an open space around the house that you have observed has direct access to sunlight all day, that is a good spot.

Now, let’s get into why you are here. How can you install Solar in a home that is not your permanent residence?

Involve your house owner or Landlord.

 That is the first thing you should do. You could negotiate with your Landlord to have him install a Solar PV system in the house. Explain why a solar system is a better option. Of course, it could come with a slight raise in rent but then you now have access to a constant power supply. With this option, you won’t have to figure out how to move with the solar system when you are relocating.

All you have to do is recommend a trustworthy Solar System brand to the house owner.

Opt for portable Solar Panels

Portable mobile solar home system

That was why I mentioned earlier that Solar panels do not necessarily have to be on the roof. Once you have secured a good spot in your compound, place the solar panels there. Better still, you could construct a small raised platform where you can place the panels.

You might also need to inform your house owner to be on the safer side. With a portable solar panel, you can easily move with it whenever you are ready to relocate to another location.

Inform your Solar Installation Company

Solar Energy Company

Third, if you have the go-ahead to install it from the house owner, inform your Solar Installation Company. Most especially if you want it installed on the roof. You need to let them know that this is not your permanent residence and you might have to relocate at some point. They would understand what to do. They might need to make use of easily removable frames without compromising the strength and reliability of the structure.

Once you have a trustworthy solar company, it does not matter if the house is a temporary or permanent residence, they know just about the right way to go about it.

One of the benefits of working with Renerworld is that even after we have successfully done the installation for you, we check up on you as time goes by to be sure you’re enjoying the system.

The use of a solar PV system is not only for permanent home residents.

It is for you, even if you currently occupy some sort of temporary space. The residence may be temporary but your time is invaluable and your productivity non-negotiable.

You might also wonder how you will go about relocating after installing the solar panels in your temporary residence.

In my next post, I will share with you how to relocate with your Solar Panels. Should you leave it? Will the panel not get damaged in the process of removal and movement? These and many more are what I will discuss in the post.

Stay Tuned!

Do you have any other concerns about using a Solar system in your temporary residence? Ask them in the comment section. I will reply to them all.

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