How Renerlite Classic is different from other solar energy solutions.

You have probably noticed the use of the term Renerlite Classic in our blog posts while referring to our solar energy solutions. In this post, I am going to tell you more about our compact and powerful solar energy solution called Renerlite Classic and why it is different from other solar energy systems.

Let’s explore some features of Renerlite Classic and why it stands out among other solar energy solutions available.

What Is Renerlite Classic?

Renerlite Classic is a compact solar energy solution system. Its name was derived from the brand name- Renerworld. It is compact because it has a standard inbuilt storage device, efficient power control and conversion unit to store and generate power whenever needed. It can be used in homes, offices, during site work and on vacations and most importantly to power workstation gadgets used for remote work.

Renerlite Classic in the Workstation

Features of Renerlite Classic

  • System Capacity of 1000W. The capacity of a power generating device is the amount of electricity the system can deliver in an ideal condition. This also determines the capacity of appliances that can be used with it. With an outstanding capacity of 1000W, Renerlite Classic is able to power a wider range of appliances which includes 55 inches LED TV, Semi Automatic washing machine and even fruit blender.

  • Storage Capacity of 1200WH. Storage capacity is the amount of energy that can be stored by the system. In a case where you’re out for an outdoor event or need it as an emergency power generating plant, the storage capacity plays an important role. It also plays an important role at Night when the Sun is not shining anymore. The stored power helps in these cases.

  • Output Power of 220VAC. The Renerlite Classic system produces a power output of 220VAC which is the acceptable voltage range for various electrical appliances used by homes in Nigeria. This is not very common with most compact systems. It eliminates the need to get special bulbs, Television sets or other appliances while using the system.

  • Interactive touchscreen display. It has a touchscreen that displays information on the system’s charge level. Since it also charges as you use it, you can monitor the charge level of the system. This enables you to monitor your system’s performance.

  • Hybrid system. It can be can charged from both the grid and the sun.

  • Scalability. It can work with a solar panel of 150W and up to 600W. This provides a lot of flexibility on usage of the system.

  • Plug and Play. The solar PV dc cable which helps in carrying power from the solar panel to the Renerlite Classic system has preinstalled plugs that makes them easy to connect and detach. This feature makes it possible for Renerlite Classic to serve in emergency situations where power is needed elsewhere. It also helps to make relocation easier.

Renerlite Classic

Renerlite Classic- How is it different?

  • Renerlite classic is portable and very beautiful. It is compact and therefore requires less space. It can also fit perfectly into any space without appearing odd due to its special appearance in terms of shape and colour.

  • You can have your gadgets powered all through the day without relying on external grid. With Renerlite classic, you do not have to worry about power outage.

  • It is easy to control. You can easily turn on and off Renerlite Classic. While leaving the house, you only need to flip off the switch on Renerlite classic and it goes off.

  • It can be used for outdoor events. The total weight of the Renerlite Classic system is just 40kg which makes it easy to move from one place to another either for camping or any other outdoor event.

  • It comes with one year warranty.

Renerlite Classic Outdoor

In conclusion, if you are looking for a budget-friendly power solution to meet your day-to-day home and office activities, Renerlite Classic is your best bet. All you just need to do is contact us. The process of transporting it down, installing and setting the ball rolling will be well catered for. We currently have Renerlite Classic installed across 12 states in Nigeria and we can have it installed in any state in Nigeria.

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