You can now get Solar Panels Installed at Zero Cost

Between the years 2007-2015, the popular mantra by researchers was, “The World is going Solar! Right now in 2022, it is safe to say that “The world has gone Solar!”

We all are trying frantically to get past the challenges of Electricity- especially in this part of the World. One of the biggest solutions had been the use of Solar Energy to generate electricity. Asides from the power stability it brings, Solar Energy is eco-friendly and a good source of clean technology.

We thought of a Solar Energy solution that people can use, not only in their homes but during travels as well.

Hence, Renerlite Classic.

This solution has been in existence for about 2 years and at the moment has been deployed across 13 states in Nigeria for over a hundred tech professionals. You could check out some of their feedback here

However, our payment plan had been a one-time payment all along. Then, we noticed that a lot of people would love to purchase this energy solution, but for financial constraints.

This is why we have decided to expand our payment model by providing a 6- month instalment plan. What this simply means is that you get the Renerlite Classic and pay over a period for 6 months.

Amazing, right?

Simply click on this link and follow the steps.

Now is the best time to solve that erratic power supply challenge, once and for all.  

The good part of buying your Renerlite Classic from us is that we will handle all the installation process and it comes with a one-year warranty policy.

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