How easy is it to relocate with your Solar Panels?

Congratulations, you are moving to your permanent home residence or relocating for greener pastures. But then, what happens to the Solar Panels you installed? Do you have to leave it or is there a way you can move with it?

You have analysed how much it cost you to get them installed and the thought of going over the whole process in a new place can be overwhelming. What then should you do? Just make sure you read on as I share with you the best ways to go about it. 

The truth is that Relocation itself is a huge task. Either locally or internationally, relocating is never a walk in the park. So also, relocating with your solar panels might bring some level of demand, especially if you did not factor this in from the onset.

Relocation as I earlier said could be local or international. They require a different approach. And I would address the two in this post.

But before that, I shared how you can install Solar in your temporary home residence in the last blog post. Did you miss out on that? Read it here.

Now, let’s go right into what I have for you today.

The moment you are getting set to relocate, contact your solar installation company. They are in the best position to help you safely remove solar panels from the roof without damage. The last thing you want to do is leave the house in a terrible state. The World is a small Village after all.

Thereafter, let them know where you are relocating to. If it is locally, they can help you move the solar panels safely to your new destination. It would most likely come with a cost but rest assured that no damage will come upon your Solar PV system.

At Renerworld, we are always interested in the comfort of our customers. Therefore, whenever any of them informs us of a movement plan, we come to the rescue swiftly and at a very reasonable price. Without stress, your Solar system would be on its way to your new residence. 

A 6 350W Solar Installation uninstallation to be installed on another site
A 6 350W Solar reinstalled in a new site after uninstallation

Then, what happens if your relocation is international?

There is no way I would advise you to relocate with your Solar system if you are travelling internationally. A better option would be to gift it out to loved ones or sell it.

Also, inform your solar installation company so that they can uninstall it carefully before gifting it.

On the other hand, you could discuss with whoever will be taking over your apartment and reach an agreement. The person might most likely agree to pay for it while you leave it there.

That’s it.

Now, you can see that it does not matter if you have to relocate at some point, you can still use a solar PV system.

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