Can Solar Panels generate power at night?

A solar panel is an assembly of cells that can convert light directly into electricity.

Solar panels are the most important component in a solar energy system as they form the basis of power generation. Solar panels do not require any special support from other sources of energy to function. They Immediately start generating power when exposed to light and can continue to generate this power daily for over 40 years.

Solar panels are built to withstand very harsh conditions giving them basis for longevity of lifespan. Light emitted from the sun is required to bounce electrons on the surface of solar panels for them to produce electricity.

So what happens at Night?

Since Light is required for electricity generation, Solar panels cannot generate power at Night. This is why batteries are required for power storage.Solar panels can be sized to any capacity to generate large amount of power during the day. Excess power that is not consumed can be stored in battery storage unit and this power is used through the Night till day break when the solar panels start generating power again.


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