Does Inverter Increase my Electric Bill?

Not a few are feeling the heightened weight of electricity bills these days, and many are frantically searching for a way out! But here’s a mistake equally common to many: Before venturing into any project, do well to clearly define your Goal!  By carrying out “XYZ”, what do I hope to achieve? This is so crucial as it guides your decision-making and execution plans.

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What have goals got to do with this? Here’s how;

You want to reduce your electricity bill, so you got an Inverter backup system: i.e Inverter plus battery setup, and guess what, you used even more units of power now than you did last month, this doesn’t add up, what’s going on?

Let me explain, an inverter backup system stores up power from the grid in your battery which means some of the electricity units you bought from PHCN go into charging the battery thereby increasing your unit consumption. Like the name implies “backup”, the goal of this type of system is to fill in for relatively short periods of power failure from the grid. Why short you ask?

Well Technically, since the power is stored in your battery, the backup time you get would depend on the size and quantity of batteries you have. If you exhaust the power the battery has stored and power from the grid is not restored. You might once again be faced with the dilemma of a blackout. This is because the grid which is your main source of power is unavailable to recharge your batteries.

How do I reduce my electric bill?

If your goal however is to reduce your electric bill, you would be needing an alternative source of power for your batteries, this is where Solar panels come in, they generate the power needed to charge your batteries directly from the sun, and this also offers you the benefit of not having to depend on the grid, especially in times of prolonged power outage and eliminates extra costs and recurring expenses.  This setup where Solar panels are added to your Inverter backup system (inverter plus battery) is called a Solar PV system.

When you have a clear goal, it’s easier to communicate with experts in the field to enable them to guide you toward choosing the most suitable solution for your needs.


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