Hey everyone! We’re super excited to introduce our latest gadget at Renerworld Global Limited. RENERLITE LITHIUM. If you thought our Renerlite Classic was cool, wait till you get a load of this one. This little powerhouse packs some serious tech to keep your life powered up without a hitch.

Big Power in a Small Package

The Renerlite Lithium comes with a whopper of a battery using Lithium Phosphate technology, boasting up to 1000Wh of usable energy. That means whether you need to keep your fridge running during a power outage, or you need to keep your work gadgets up all through the day, this baby has got your back.


Plus, it rocks a pure sine wave inverter that can churn out up to 1500VA of power. That’s tech talk for “Yes, it can power your heavy appliances smoothly and safely.”

Stays Cool, Keeps Chill


What’s cooler than being cool? Our awesome energy-efficient cooling system! The Renerlite Lithium is designed to handle even the toastiest of temperatures, making it a great companion no matter where you are.

Light as a Feather, Tough as Nails

Here’s the kicker: it’s 60% lighter than the Renerlite Classic. Yep, you read that right. You can actually lug this around without breaking a sweat. Beach hangout, off-grid camping, or just moving it around the house? No problem. This lightweight champ is ready to go wherever you need it.


Eco-Friendly Energy at Your Fingertips

Going green is more than just a trend for us—it’s a commitment. With the Renerlite Lithium, you’re not just getting a reliable power source, you’re also making a friendlier choice for the planet. Less emissions, less fuss!

Ready When You Are

Whether you’re gearing up for the unexpected or just gearing up for some fun, the Renerlite Lithium is here to power your adventures and keep your gadgets running smoothly. It’s reliable, it’s portable, and it’s ready to roll when you are.

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Keep an eye on our blog for tips on how you can make the most of your new power pal.

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