Inverter Backup VS Solar PV system

Often times, as a solar energy company, we find prospects saying “I want inverter, I don’t want solar”. A result of the general perception of inverter as an indoor backup system for their energy need.

Most times when people think about Solar, the only thing that comes to mind is a solar panel; although a solar panel can independently produce power for DC powered appliances, usually a solar panel happens to be a component part of a solar PV system.

A typical Solar PV System consists of:

  1. Solar Panel
  2. Solar Charge Controller
  3. Battery
  4. Inverter system

Whereas most Inverter backup systems consist of just an Inverter and a Battery storage unit. In this case, The system is still dependent on the grid (PHCN) to charge your battery storage unit which implies that:

  1. Your total consumption is still entirely dependent on the grid and your backup energy system will continue to be at a cost.
  2. When grid (PHCN) supply is down for an extended period of time like three days to one week, depending on the capacity of your backup storage, you might be left with no alternative, except a gasoline or diesel-powered generator if you still have or use one.

On the other hand, a solar PV system offers you more flexibility. This is because at the dawn of each new day with every rising of the Sun, your solar panels begin to generate power to be stored in your battery storage unit for use whensoever you require. This reduces your dependence on the grid as a result you also get lower electricity bills.

Since we all enjoy rays of sunshine and sometimes even complain about it. This means you’ll be getting energy daily, free of charge at No extra cost. We all love a beautiful bright and sunny day🌞, your solar PV system gives you one more reason to.


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