Can Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Solar panels are quickly becoming a viable source of power in both the home and the workplace. If you glance around, you’ll notice that the majority of Solar Panel installations are on rooftops. This is because there is nothing in the way of Sunlight reception, and it is more secure. However, it is natural for us to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of our actions before taking any major steps to ensure that we are on the safe side.

There have been questions raised about whether drilling holes in roofs during installation will damage the roof. Will this not result in leakage?


Solar Panel Installation Raises Questions

The installation of solar panels raised some concerns about whether drilling holes in the roof during installation could cause roof damage.

However, the fact that an extra weight will be added on the roof, you want to be sure the roof is not weak already and that it won’t need to be changed anytime soon. Thus, the first thing you should check before installing a solar panel on your roof is the quality of the roof. This, of course is what a good Solar Installation team should check out for you before the installation starts.

After mounting the hardware during installation, there is the water sealing process. This sealing lowers the risk of roof leakage and it also helps to maintain the efficiency of the panels.

There are different Solar seal products available. It is only important to use the one that works perfectly with the solar panels to be installed and more importantly, one that can handle different temperature range. The sealers cover up all the spaces around the frames and edges. This keeps the roof water-tight and prevents any negative effect of installing solar panels on the roof.

If you’ve seen roofs that have been damaged as a result of solar panel installation, something went wrong. It’s one thing to purchase solar panels; it’s quite another to have them installed properly.

We’ve heard of installation professionals who failed to correctly tighten mounting hardware bolts or who neglected to include the water sealing process which have resulted into several damages.

As a result, it’s critical that you hire a reputable solar company to do your installation. It relieves you of a great deal of stress.

Another item to think about is the roof warranty. If your roof comes with a warranty, make sure that placing solar panels on it does not void the warranty.

Most warranties, however, now include solar installation which is subject to proper installation procedures. If this is the case, you must inform the installation company about the warranty.

Conclusively, Solar panels will not damage your roof if properly installed. Rather, it can protect your roof, it can serve as a shield for the roof, and it can also create a cooling effect on the roof especially during hot seasons.

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