How Much Power is Enough?

You need power to get things done.

Renerlite powering worksation for developers

Life has been made easier with various appliances to help perform various tasks like your blender for smoothies, washing machine to do your laundry, Laptop to keep up with your office work remotely, fan to keep your home cool and Television for relaxation.

Renerlite powers home appliances

But all these appliances would be useless and ineffective without adequate power to run them.

Being able to run all those appliances exactly when you need them is key to increasing your productivity and reducing stress especially when you only have to flip a switch and not have to suffer from noise or air pollution.

Renerlite fits as a perfect solution for you. With Nigeria’s enormous solar potential, Renerlite is designed to efficiently capture this power and seamlessly power homes and businesses with it.

It has a super efficient inbuilt storage that enables you to run your appliances anytime you desire.

Renerworld Solar Installation
Renerlite powering a developer's workstation

In addition to the efficient 150W Monocrystalline solar panel that comes with it, Renerlite can also take power from the grid (PHCN) making it a smart hybrid system.



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