First, I’d like to ask, are cars expensive?

Your thoughts 🤔 “Oh, hmmmnnn… well… technically… maybe…not really, it depends on the type of car”

 😊😊, I totally understand. You are trying to justify the cost of the car because it has probably crossed your mind or you have desired more than once to have “that” car, and you’ve considered the benefits:

  1.  The flexibility of choice, you can decide to go out in your own vehicle or not.
  2. The convenience of not having to wait long periods at the bus stop, or struggle with other commuters to board public transport.
  3. The “sense of pride” that comes with having “that” car.

These are probably some of the factors you considered making that car purchase.

A Solar PV System isn’t much different. What do you desire?

Solar installation with inverter by renerworld

Would you like to hide away in the house and just enjoy some quality family time without your generator betraying you to uninvited guests?

How comforting would it be to get home, and just flip a switch to power your home without spending an extra kobo or experiencing the frustrations of an empty fuel reserve or sudden generator failure?

If you find the noise and fumes of generators as disturbing as I do, you probably want to get rid of those quickly too.

Children like to be engaged; a reliable source of electricity is a great way to keep them busy through virtual learnings and games.

A solar PV system gives you all of these benefits and much more also allowing you contribute your quota towards a sustainable environment.

Is Solar expensive? You get to decide.

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