Who are RenerGees

Imagine you are at the centre of a major solution that world researchers and experts have been restlessly looking for! You own the stage, right? All eyes unwaveringly set on you, a deafening silence ensues as all eagerly wait to hear you speak; You feel important!

You are Important! As a matter of fact, very important as your energy choices contribute to either Make or Mar our environment. The increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere due to combustion of carbon based fuels is posing a serious threat and has been directly associated with the environmental challenges of Increased rainfall, Flooding, Wildfires, Heavy smog, and Intense high temperatures being experienced Globally.

Hence we deeply appreciate those who beyond their imagination are changing the narrative by choosing renewable energy sources; for every Kw of energy generated by their solar PV system, they prevent almost 1 Kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere and are helping to promote a more livable and sustainable environment.

In light of our goal as a Renewable Energy Enterprise. We present to you, RENERGEES.

RENERGEES, an initiative of Renerworld Global Limited is a community built to increase sustainable impact by supporting, promoting, and encouraging the adoption of renewable energies in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

Renewable energy is a much more expansive term of which Solar energy is a pioneer.

We’re building a community of people who can vouch for these rapidly developing technologies as a result of their experience using our solar energy systems which is why on our part we are relentless in making sure that we deliver premium products and services to you; With each system delivered as a masterpiece drawn from carefully designed load estimates, accurate PV and Storage sizing and each component handpicked to ensure optimum performance at unparalleled prices.

Our hope is to stir up interest in our users to  understand their PV systems so they get maximum value over its lifetime.

Members of this community will also be privy to information on our upcoming products and also get to contribute to our product development.

Share in our confidence in your ability to change the world along with us, Together we make the difference!

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